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Why Buyers Should Purchase in the Fall


Don't always think buying a home in Spring is the best time!


Most people realize that selling a home in the Fall/Winter is usually avoided due to the slow time, Holiday season and the colder and darker days. Everyone waits until Spring where the weather is getting warmer, flowers are in season and days are getting longer. With lots of activity still on the horizon for the Vancouver area buyers might consider the Winter season a good time to buy as Sellers tend not to list their properties if they absolutely don't have to.


Here are some valid reasons why Buying a property in the dark Winter may be a great investment opportunity:

  1. More Motivated Sellers:
    If a home was listed in the summer and it's still for sale you can be sure that these sellers will be more anxious to sell their property.

  2. Competition is Seasonally Dependant
    Most Buyers like to purchase homes early in the year to enjoy them through the summer. Most Buyers don't want to buy after school has started or Holiday's are around the corner. 

  3. Flexible Move-In Dates
    Since the Holiday season is a big part of everyones lives move-in dates become more flexible to either accommodate for the Holiday season or bypass it completely. 

  4. Weather and Daylight
    Low temperatures, rain, snow and lack of daylight usually cause Buyers to let go their home search and wait for blue skies and warm temperatures again. This might be your opportunity to sneak up on the competition.
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